"Passionate photographer means capturing the heart of things."

About Me

Meet Amit

Myself Amit. I am a commercial photographer who wears my full heart on my sleeve… I started work in 2000 and have done 1100 projects.

I specialize in photographing people and events in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Gujrat, MP, UP, and Many More. 

Also, I photograph humans in life and love and everything in between.

My Passion

I love photography because there is something so magical and special about taking pictures of people and things that I can never forget.
I desire to reflect the best of my skills in every picture clicked by my camera.

Studio Click camera

My Beliefs

I believe that a photograph is not just a picture. It is a complete memory having the power to relive and rejoice in the essence of an event and thus making it last forever.
According to me, a real photographer deserves appreciation each time you look at the photograph.

My Learning

I have been taking pictures since I was a little boy and have always loved the creative process of making art. I have always been interested in learning more about my photos and am constantly learning new techniques. My artistic skills began to develop early on, and I have always found it enjoyable to experiment with different forms of photography.

Now, I am a certified photographer and gained expertise in my skills.

My Dreams

I’m a professional photographer and have been doing it for over 22 years. I’ve learned how to take great photos and make them look great. I specialize in wedding and portrait photography but can do anything you need to be done in photography.

I, as a photographer, love capturing moments in time that will stay with me forever.

Every day, I strive to create new and exciting photos that capture the beauty of life.

Planning an epic event for your loved ones?
Studioclick will be your ride throughout the journey. We are passionate to catch every second so that you and your dear ones can live in the moment and can enjoy it to the fullest.

Studio click is making your special memories long-lasting since 2000

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